The ANATOME team is focused on improving your way of life by offering dietary guidance, combined with uplifting workouts that enable your body to move naturally. By exercising your full range of motion, you can boost your metabolism and tone your entire body.
Your secret weapon to raising your metabolism so you burn more calories. By building useful lean muscle, you will reach your fitness goals.
The perfect way to chase away fat, destroy calories and harness your warrior spirit so you are left fit and toned.
Best results in the fastest time possible by building the lean muscle that you need to speed up your metabolism and get your body lean & toned.

Dr. Minuzzi: The HEALTH GURU

You are what you eat. As well as watching your calories so that you meet your goals, it is vital to give your body the fuel it needs. Always put your health first, and source nutrients that will reward you by improving your physical energy, hormonal balance, immune system, and general wellbeing.

Whatever your goal is, lose weight, gain lean mass, or toning your body, eating healthy is the key.

Dr. Minuzzi is the Health Guru behind ANATOME. With a PhD in nutrition, anti-aging medicine and sports/hormonal hypertrophy, Dr. Minuzzi takes a scientific approach to improving quality of life through healthy eating.


The ANATOME Method is a uniquely successful program that allows you to move better throughout the day by being stronger and healthier than ever before.

Weight training will increase your motor strength and conditioning for strong and functional muscles, while martial arts inspired movements knockout fat, sculpt a lean body, and make stress throw in the towel!

The secret to looking ripped, is building muscle at the same time as burning away fat.

25AM Lean & Toned Workout program is divided into four phases; each phase is three weeks in duration. Total program of 12 weeks, to feel great and look even better.

Online Edition with 12 video links to guide you through each workout.

The exclusive 25AM Lean & Toned exercise routines provide sufficient muscle stimulation to build lean muscle in 25 minutes circuit, whilst being high energy. Ideal for burning calories and giving fat the knockout it deserves.


Workout anytime and anywhere, from 25 to 75min, indoor or outdoors.

The first true personal training experience in an app.

Daily diet plan gamming experience.

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